Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor Review

The Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor has many unique features that have made it one of the most popular baby monitor systems on the market. Rather than focusing on visual or auditory signals, this infant monitor combines many different ways to keep an eye on your child and has been the subject of very popular baby monitor reviews.


Sensor pad that detects the baby’s movement

Multi-Function Parent Unit

Complete Audio Capabilities

Built-In Night Light


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As one of the most popular products on the market for baby monitors, the Angelcare AC 401 has many advantages to offer to parents. It has all of the basic tools that you would look for in baby monitors such as a two-way radio, allowing you to go about working around the home or even getting some sleep without worrying.

Most people who buy this product get very excited when it comes to the concept of the sensor pad. This innovative idea can actually tell you when the baby is falling asleep by sending you a small alert when the baby has not moved for over twenty seconds. This is one of the greatest advantages offered by this system and it has absolutely captivated the parental audience.

Another way that this baby monitor system is superior to others on the market is that it can monitor the conditions in the baby’s room and send the information to a parent monitor. You will be able to see if the room is too hot or cold without ever having to step into the room. Most of the baby monitor reviews tend to espouse all of these positive characteristics for the system.


Like any other product, there are a few drawbacks that need to be discussed for the Angelcare AC 401 baby monitor. The first is that it has a very high price point for parents that are on a budget. This most basic baby monitor system, more or less a two way radio, can be purchased for a fifth of the price of this product.

The only other potential drawback for this infant monitor system is that the sensor pad is completely dependent upon the child’s weight, and can be triggered if the bed is too thick to detect motion. This will result in a false-positive alert going off on the parental monitor.


All things considered, this is one of the best baby monitors on the market today. It has many interesting features that make it easier to be a busy parent than ever before. While it has a high price point for an infant monitor, most people would agree that this can be one of the most important tools that a parent can have for helping their child.

Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor

Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor

Sound Quality


    Picture Quality




        Battery Life



          • - Sensor Pad
          • - Night Light


          • - Loud Beep
          • - Higher Price