Gynoii Baby Monitor

When you’re looking for a great baby monitor, the Gynoii WiFi video baby monitor is perfect for your baby’s room. It’s packed full of features, and works through the WiFi connection on your internet. You can view video on your iPhone or Android smart phones. The Gynoii is a smart choice for when you don’t want to spend a ton of money, but you still want a baby monitor to see what baby is doing while you’re out of the room, or when you want to check on the nanny, when you’re away from home.

The Gynoii manufacturer kindly sent us a test baby monitor, so we could give it a try. We tested it out for ourselves in our baby monitor lab, and found it easy to set up and operate. Overall, we were pleasantly surprised all the functionality of the monitor, as well as the video quality, and the price point. The Gynoii transmits both video and sound together.

GynoiiThe Gynoii baby monitor is simple to set up, and app installation takes only a sixty second set up. To operate this monitor, you must first have internet service in your home and a WiFi router. You’ll also need to have a smart phone, such as the iPhone or the Android. You’ll need to have a data plan package on your phone, if you wish to view live streaming video from your workplace, while shopping, or anywhere else around the country. To get started, set up the Gynoii baby monitor in your baby’s room. Then find the Gynoii app on your smart phone and install. Set up an account and sign in. From here you’ll need to add your baby monitor by logging into your WiFi account. After everything is set up, you’ll be able to see your baby in their crib or room.

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The Gynoii comes in an attractive matte white plastic finish, which will coordinate well with any room. It’s compact enough to not take up a whole lot of space, and the additional benefit of being able to monitor your baby from your smart phone also means that you don’t have to carry around a second bulky monitoring device, as you have to do with many other types of baby monitors.

Gynoii iPhoneOne of the best features of the Gynoii that we haven’t seen on any other monitor is the time lapse video option. Here you can watch video of your baby in time lapse mode, rather than in real time. It’ll condense 160 minutes of video into forty seconds. You can also save your time lapsed video for further enjoyment at a later date, or send baby videos to friends and family. This is a great option that allows you to fast forward through baby’s day, to catch up on what you missed, and make sure that there aren’t any issues in baby’s room. For example, maybe baby is bumping their head on something, so you can see in your video that you may need to rearrange some items in baby’s room for better safety. You can watch this time lapse video from any location, as long as it’s from an iPhone or Android.

While you’re watching videos of your baby, you have two options. You can take a screen snapshot, or you can make a short video, and save them to your phone or Cloud. You can then share them via Facebook, Twitter, or send them as an email attachment to friends or family. The app also allows you to add multiple viewers at a time, as long as your friends or relatives have also installed the Gynoii app on their iPhones or Androids too.

The baby monitoring function works great too. Live streaming video is sent from your baby’s room directly to the app on your iPhone or Android, in less than a minute of delay time. You can also hear sound from your baby’s room, and with the two way talk feature, you can even talk to your baby, even when you’re not in the same room as them. The Gynoii uses advanced bank level data encryption, so you can be rest assured that only you can see your baby’s video feed, and no one else can.

There is a music mode on the Gynoii. There are two different lullaby options on the Gynoii, so you can turn them on if baby is having trouble getting to sleep. There are also sound and motion alerts that will tell you when baby has moved around, or is making noise. This will alert you to check your video feed and make sure that baby is doing all right, or whether they need a visit from you. An audio only mode can be used if you want to turn off the video while you’re in bed at night, but you’ll still be able to hear sound alerts if your baby wakes up.

The Gynoii works during the day, or at night time with its night vision feature. There’s no need to press a button to switch over to night mode either. The Gynoii will automatically detect when it’s dark in the room and switch over to the night mode function, then back again during the day.

The Gynoii app is adaptable, and you can add up to 32 cameras at any time.

The Gynoii is a great baby monitor that is sure to please the most finicky of parents, when they’re looking for the best WiFi baby monitor on the market, but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars. Overall, the test team was happy with the device. The Gynoii is reliable, and provides great video and images of your child. It’s super easy to set up and you’re sure to be pleased by the time lapse and the night vision features as well.

Gynoii Baby Monitor

Gynoii Baby Monitor

Sound Quality


    Picture Quality



      • - Night Vision
      • - Easy to Setup
      • - DVR
      • - Timelapse
      • - Talk back function


      • - Sound alert wasn't sensitive enough