How to Choose the Best Baby Monitor

When you’re a new parent, you can feel rundown with having to race back and forth all day, tending to your new baby’s needs. From a strict feeding schedule, to plenty of laundry, and cleaning, there’s a lot that needs to be done. There’s not a whole lot of time for you to get sleep in the first few months of baby’s life. A baby monitor can help you monitor your infant, when you’re not in the same room. The best baby monitor can not only save you time, but give you confidence that your baby is doing fine.

There are a wide assortment of baby monitors on the market, and it can be difficult narrowing them down to exactly what is best for baby. There are many features to consider when buying a new baby monitor. You can also read a baby monitor review online, to help you narrow down the best features.

When choosing a new infant monitor, consider whether you want video or voice only. Each set of features has their own benefits. With voice only, you can hear baby crying or moving around. You will then need to physically visit the baby to see if they’re doing fine. A video feature is a great option, as you can actually see the baby on your monitor and keep an eye on them. A video baby monitor will save you trips checking on them.

Voice quality can be an important feature of a baby monitor. You don’t want one with background interference such as static sounds, that will keep you guessing as to whether baby was crying or not. You need a monitor that has crystal clear sound that can be adjusted with a volume control button.

When you’re trying to sleep at night, listening to the constant hum and buzz of a baby monitor can be distracting. That’s why a movement sensor is a handy feature to have. Baby monitors with a movement sensor will go into silent mode when baby is quiet. This will mute the background noise on your end, so you can get some rest. When baby starts moving around, the baby monitor will come out of silent mode so you can hear them from your side.

You don’t want to keep baby up all night by leaving a night light on, yet you want to be able to see baby on your baby monitor. A night vision feature is a great option, so you can see baby on the video baby monitor, even when it’s dark in the room.

When searching for the best baby monitor, price can be a big consideration. Prices can range from $80 to $200, depending on number and quality of features. Higher end monitors may have certain features that you may never need, such as room temperature, or camera zoom function.

When choosing the best baby monitor, narrow down your search to features that are really important to you. Video, and movement sensor are great features to keep you connected to baby, even when you’re not in the same room as them. The best infant monitor will provide you with peace of mind that your baby is doing just fine, while having their nap in the next room.

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