There are many reasons that the Levana Jena Digital Baby Monitor is one of the most frequently named when it comes to top of the line products. One of the first advantages to this system is that it has a decent price point.

One of the other most favored features of this product is the fact that it has a very long battery life. With a full charge, it will last up to eight hours, giving you access to your child’s room throughout the night. This means that you can look at the digital display at any time to check up on your baby and see if they are having any difficulty sleeping.

Another one of the most interesting facets of the Levana Jena baby monitor is that it has an intercom that you can use to speak with your baby. If the child just needs some soothing words rather than the actual presence of the parent, you can speak to them or even play music through the intercom. This is perfect for parents who are trying to finish their tasks around the house while the baby is napping.

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 Extra Long Battery Life

Direct Intercom Communication With Baby

Completely Private Signal With Long Range

Camera Is Equipped With Night Vision


As with any product, there are a few negative aspects that can be attributed to this Levana Jena baby monitor. One of the first complaints that people tend to levy against it is that it is too easy to accidentally press certain buttons on the interface, which can lead to the baby actually being woken.

Another one of the drawbacks that occur with this baby monitor is the light that shines from the monitor when it is in the “On” position is too bright. This can illuminate the parents’ and child’s room unless it is properly covered.

A Full Picture

When you consider the positive and negative qualities of the Levana Jena Digital Baby Monitor, it is clear that it is a very useful and unique product. It has an average price given that would be better if it went on sale, but that is unlikely to stop people from purchasing the device. Aside from a slight interface issue and the brightness of the product which can be blotted out, there are no major functional reasons not to consider this a high quality device.

Levana Jena Digital Baby Monitor

Levana Jena Digital Baby Monitor

Sound Quality


    Picture Quality




        Battery Life



          • - Extra long Battery Life
          • - Night vision
          • - Power save mode


          • - No option to use video or sound only
          • - No wall mount