Baby monitors are a gift to all parents around the world especially those who want to closely monitor their babies every breath. This sweet Peek Video Baby Monitor is ideal for the first time mothers or parents who worry about every reaction their infants make. Lorex has created an infant monitor to serve that very purpose -Lorex BB2411 2.4″ Sweet Peek Video Baby Monitor with IR Night Vision and Zoom.

Advantages of the Sweet Peek Video Baby Monitor

If you are busy or just have other things you would also like to take part in other than take care of the baby all day; you no longer have to worry about having to carry your infant to every room you go to. Baby monitors enable you to visually monitor your infant all day long. This infant monitor enables you to listen clearly too every sound your baby makes, including how he/she breaths, to allow you know when the baby is experiencing discomfort or when he or she need your personal attention. A stay at home mum can now do normal house chores and at the same time have a clear knowledge of how the child is doing. The best part is that when you are too busy to sing a lullaby for your child then the built in lullaby song can be turned on to sooth your child to sleep. Based on the baby monitor review from other parents, this Sweet Peek Video Baby Monitor is a must have for any parent with a baby to look after.

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What are the disadvantages of this baby monitor that you should know?

This baby monitor is bound to impress but what is unfortunate about it the night vision camera. The most important time to have full and complete view of your infant is at night, so when the camera functions better at day when you are fully awake and available, and does not deliver at night when getting out of bed is not a welcomed idea, then it becomes a deal breaker. Baby monitors are meant to be your extra pair of eyes.

What are the features of this baby monitor?

Lorex BB2411 2.4″ Sweet Peek Video Baby Monitor with IR Night Vision and Zoom has only one camera and an LCD screen that is around 2.4 inches. Has the ability to zoom in on the baby to get a clear look when need be. It has with it a built-in nightlight just above the camera that can illuminate the baby’s room softly enough to not wake him or her, but instead help him relax.

This baby monitor has an extended battery life to enable you go about your chores without worrying.

Lorex BB2411 Sweet Peek Video Baby Monitor

Lorex BB2411 Sweet Peek Video Baby Monitor

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