Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor Review

If you’re searching for a reliable baby monitor, the Philips Avent Dect has a range of up to 330 meters, with temperature sensor and night mode features, to assure the comfort of your baby. Philips has always been one of the better brands on the market, and they actually guarantee that their baby monitor will have zero interference and a 100% private connection, which are both important for the security of your baby. When you only have an audio baby monitor, rather than a video unit, you want to be assured that your baby monitor will provide the most crystal clear sound available. Philips delivers that in its compact Avent DECT baby monitor.

This is a great baby monitor to have if it’s more important to you to hear your baby, rather than seeing them on a tiny video screen. Plus, you can’t beat the price of an audio unit. This baby monitor is best suited for the developing stages of your baby, from zero to six months of age.

The baby monitor works by activating LED lights on the monitoring unit, whenever baby cries or makes noises in their room. This gives you a chance to check and see if they’re doing okay. There’s also an additional vibration mode, to alert you that you need to check on your baby. The downside to this unit is that the LED lights can completely lighten up a room in the dead of night. This feature may not bother some parents, but I’m not sure how necessary the brightness is myself.

The Philips Avent has a range of up to 330 meters outside, and a range of up to 50 meters inside, from recording unit to monitoring unit. This should give you plenty of room to move around your home, yet still assures that your baby is covered. You’ll hear the sounds that your baby makes no matter where you are in your home, even from the garden. The crystal clear sound helps a lot with that too. The unit will alert you when you are taking it out of range.

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There’s a handy talkback feature on the monitor, which is fairly standard for most baby monitors on the market today. It certainly comes in handy though, when your baby starts making small sounds at night. You can simply activate the talkback feature, to let your voice soothe baby back to sleep again. Talkback is also a handy feature to have when someone is in the baby’s room, and you need to quickly talk to them. It work as an intercom system, so you don’t have to run back and forth, if someone needs formula or clean blankets brought to your baby’s room.

The comfort of your baby is extremely important, that’s why it’s also important to monitor the temperature of your baby’s room. If it’s too hot or too cold, your baby may become uncomfortable and start crying. the Philips Avent monitor also includes a customizable temperature sensor, so you can monitor the temperature in your baby’s room. You can select Celsius or Fahrenheit for your temperature readings. There’s even an alarm in case the temperature falls out of optimum range.

Your baby monitor unit has a small LCD screen, so you can control your unit, and read temperature. It also has a handy night mode backlight, so if you’re in bed late at night, you can still use the unit without having to turn all the lights on, waking up your spouse. The light will illuminate your screen display, so you can see what you’re doing.

The unit also has some classic lullabies, that can be played to help your baby go to sleep. There’s no need to set up your iPod or a stereo system in your baby’s room, with this handy feature. You can turn on the lullabies remotely from your unit. The baby monitor could be made much better though if the lullabies were on a timer. So, unless your baby minds listening to lullabies all night long, you’re also going to have to stay awake long enough to remember to turn off the lullabies feature from your end. You can also remotely control a night light in baby’s room, in case you think they’ll settle down faster with a light on. This may not bother you, but the night light isn’t all that bright, so I’m not sure how effective it will be in reassuring your baby when they get unsettled in their bed.

This baby monitor is quite light and doesn’t take up much room, which is a bonus when you live in a smaller home. The portable monitoring unit is also light and quite handy to carry around the home as you work.

The Philips Avent baby monitor has an excellent battery life of eighteen hours. It takes around ten hours to charge up, but you can leave your unit on the docking station, and it’ll still work. This is handy in the evening, so it’ll charge up for the next day, while you can still monitor your baby overnight.

The Philips Avent baby monitor is quite durable, and should be able to withstand drops and falls, without compromising the reliability of the unit. Definitely handy when you have other children who may play with the unit at times.

There’s a volume control on the unit to adjust the sound, though it’d be better if the sound could be turned up higher than available, as sometimes it can be hard to hear what the baby is doing. The speaker isn’t always on, so that eliminates that background high-pitched sound which can annoy some people. The full sound only turns up when your baby is making noise, which is a handy modern feature to have. It’s impressive that there’s no static when listening to sound on this unit. Philips definitely delivered when they said the sound was crystal clear.

The price of this unit remains affordably priced. Sure, you can find other similar baby monitors for a lower price, but the Philips baby monitor has clearer sound, and zero interference, which is worth paying extra for. You may not use the additional features but they’re handy if you need them.

Overall, the Philips Avent DECT is a pretty good baby monitor, and with its extra features, is well worth the price. You’ll be rest assured that your baby is being watched over, while you’re able to carry on the chores around your home, as this super reliable baby monitor delivers exactly what it says.

Philips Avent DECT

Philips Avent DECT

Sound Quality


    Picture Quality




        Battery Life



          • - Super voice Quality
          • - Very Sensitive
          • - Temperature sensor
          • - Great Price


          • - No Mute button