Sometimes going back and forth to check on baby can actually keep them awake all night, when all you wanted was for them to have a good night’s sleep. The Samsung SEW-3037W Wireless Video Baby Monitor will allow you to keep tabs on your infant, even when you’re in the other room. The Samsung SEW-3037W has some handy features, including infrared night vision to see in the dark, and a zoom function, to get up close to baby.

SAMSUNG SEW-3037W_2The Samsung brand has always had a good name in the electronics market, and they also make high-quality, reliable baby monitors as well. The Samsung SEW-3037W has infrared night vision, so you can view your baby, even when its dark in the room. Sometimes you don’t want to keep them awake all night, by leaving the lamps on. There’s also a calming night light feature on this baby monitor, so if you find that your child is fussing too much at night, you can simply turn it on from your remote unit.

Some babies move around more in their cribs than others. With a regular baby monitor, you may find it hard to see them when they’re tucked into the corners of their crib. The zoom function on the Samsung SEW-3037W can be operated from your monitoring unit, so you can zoom it in on your child, to see if they’re doing all right. The Samsung baby monitor has a lot of flexibility, so you won’t be stuck in one view. It not only can zoom, but it can pan and tilt as well, so you can see all of baby’s room, not just their crib. You can also add up to four cameras, so whether you need them for the same room, or for other children’s rooms, you won’t be needing to buy separate monitoring units with the addition of more cameras.


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You can bring the monitoring unit with you, as you do your chores around the house. It’s wireless, so there’s no cords sticking out. It has a fully featured full color 3.5” LCD screen, with crisp clear color, and a standard VGA screen of 640×480 resolution. There’s also a built in time display, in case your forgot your watch in the other room. You operate the unit through buttons, rather than a touch screen that many parents do not like.

With some baby monitors, you may find that the background noise can be a distraction, yet you don’t want to turn off your baby monitor’s audio function completely, in case you miss noise coming from baby’s room. With the Samsung SEW-3037W, there is a quiet mode, so that you can shut down the background noise, but the unit will still alert you to any sounds that baby makes. There’s also indicators for the level of noise in baby’s room. The unit will alert you if baby is only making soft sounds, or is full out crying, allowing you to decide whether you should visit their room or not. The monitoring unit also has a low battery indicator, letting you know that you should place your unit back on the charger. A handy flip stand and a belt clip will allow you to always have the monitoring unit within reach.

The Samsung SEW-3037W baby monitor is a well-designed video baby monitor that is adaptable and full of all the features that you need to monitor your baby from afar. It’s backed by a one year warranty card, included in the box.



Sound Quality


    Picture Quality





        • - Night Vision and night light
        • - Belt clip
        • - Tilt and zoom
        • - Easy to use


        • - Video monitor scratches easily