Summer Infant Baby Wave Deluxe

The Summer Infant Baby Wave Digital Audio Monitor offers great sound, without a lot of interference. If you’re looking for a basic audio monitor, Summer Infant will monitor your baby, while you do chores in the rest of your house. If you’re worried about your family’s privacy, the Summer Infant monitor will securely monitor your baby, without a lot of outside interference.

Summer Infant Baby Wave Deluxe_2There’s some great features in this audio monitor, so you can monitor your infant’s comfort. You can remotely control these features from your separate monitoring unit. Check the temperature in your baby’s room. You can choose from Celsius or Fahrenheit. If you’re concerned about the temperature in their room, you can simply check your unit, so you know whether you’re going to need to visit their room to change the temperature gauge. You can leave the temperature on screen or you can choose to turn it off, and check it whenever you wish with the click of a button.

Sometimes you want to turn a night light on in your baby’s room, without having to disturb them by opening the door. You can remotely turn the nightlight on for them, to help soothe them to back to sleep, in case they’re worried about the dark. It can also offer a chance to get a sneak peak at how they’re doing, without having to turn on the main light in their room, or any lamps, which could disturb them from a restful slumber.

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Summer Infant Baby Wave Deluxe_3Sometimes it’s hard to drop whatever you’re doing for when your baby is fussing in the other room. It doesn’t sound serious, but you still want to be able to verbally communicate with them, so that you don’t have to stop what you’re doing. Most of the time they don’t need a feeding or a diaper change, so you don’t actually have to visit the room. There is also two-way communication through your monitoring unit, so you can sing baby a lullaby, or soothe them to sleep, without having to leave what you’re doing.

The range on the Summer Infant audio monitor is up to 650 feet, so all corners of your house are covered, even the basement and outdoors. You’ll always be in touch with your baby, no matter where you are on your property.

Sometimes if you’re in a noisy kitchen, with the dishwasher and washer and dryer on, you can’t hear the sounds coming from your baby monitor. The Summer Infant Baby Wave monitor has flashing lights that will alert you to any sounds in your baby’s room. The softer the sounds will show green lights, with sound increasing through amber to red for the highest pitched noises. This can be an extremely handy feature for when it’s simply too loud and noisy in the rest of your home to be able to hear baby’s softer sounds on the monitor.

The Summer Infant Baby Wave Digital Audio Monitor offers crisp clear sound, in a compact and affordable baby monitoring unit.

Summer Infant Baby Wave Deluxe

Summer Infant Baby Wave Deluxe

Sound Quality




      Battery Life



        • - Sound activated lights
        • - Remote Nightlight
        • - Temperature sensor
        • - Great Price


        • - Green background light is too bright in a dark room