The Summer Baby Monitor is for the Dogs

Summer Baby Monitor

I made the mistake of purchasing the Summer Infant Touch Digital Monitor, thinking that if I paid top price, I’d get the best baby monitor on the market. Apparently, this wasn’t the best decision I’ve ever made when shopping online. The Summer Infant Touch Digital Monitor is for the dogs, and I’m not sure that I would trust it enough to monitor my beloved dogs either. This baby monitor had multiple issues, and I wished I’d read the baby monitors reviews online before purchasing it. Look how poor the rating of the Summery Baby Monitor on Amazon.

Baby Monitor Reviews

First of all, the Summer Infant baby monitor was horrendously expensive, for what it actually does. I paid over $200 for this monitor, and was hugely disappointed. Before you spend that much money, take a step back and make sure that you have the baby monitor that best suits your needs.

I’d heard that the original Summer Baby Monitor was fabulous, so I trusted that this one would be good too, but that was not to be. The first issue I had with this monitor was that the range was ridiculously low, about 30 to 50 feet. This might be great for an apartment-dweller, but not someone who lives in a two-level house, plus basement. This completely defeated the purpose of me being able to monitor my child on the top floor of our house, while allowing me to zip downstairs to get a load of her clothes washed.

This baby monitor offered not only two-way sound, which is great when a baby needs immediate interaction before I can get to their room, but also video monitoring. Unfortunately, I was able run up to her room faster than the video feed would switch on, if it turned on at all. There were many times I couldn’t even get the darn thing to turn on, resulting in me having to re-power the whole unit again. It was really frustrating and baby monitors need to work, when your baby cries, or it’s pointless in having one.

The battery life on this unit is quite the joke. What’s the point of charging it up, if it’s not going to last through the night? I timed it and at the most it lasted for an average of four hours. I was really disappointed with its performance.

This baby monitor has some nifty features such as camera zoom and tilt, but when the unit either won’t turn on, or takes a long time to turn on, the features become useless. You might as well go back to the original method of checking on baby when they cry.

You’d think that the temperature monitoring feature would work properly, as this is basic technology. Yet, I found it was way out of whack, and I even placed a traditional thermometer in baby’s room to get an accurate reading. The thermometer on the Summer Baby Monitor was consistently wrong by ten degrees. I can understand that it may be out by one or two degrees, but ten is ridiculous.

Don’t make the mistake I did, when blindly buying baby monitors online. I wish I’d checked the Baby Monitor Ninja first, before purchasing the Summer Baby Monitor. I’ll definitely take care in buying a better baby monitor next time round, and read all the baby monitor reviews first.

This was a guest post from Jennifer who was very kind sending us her experience with this Baby Monitor. If you are looking for the Best Baby Monitor Reviews, read our reviews here.

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