VideoSecu IP Wireless Baby Monitor

If you’re needing a wireless baby monitor, but not sure if you want to spend a lot of money on something you’re not sure you need, the VideoSecu camera has some great features packed into it, for a great price. The video camera can be set up in your baby’s room, then you can remotely monitor them via your computer, smart phone or tablet device.

VideoSecu IP Wi-fi Video Baby Monitor_4The VideoSecu comes with a camera, that can be used via WiFi in your home. There’s no need for an expensive Cloud subscription. There are no other hidden costs or monthly fees required. Video will be stored on your home computer, so you can view it later. You can keep the video and then make your own home video of your baby to share with friends. You have the option to record directly to your iPhone or to your PC. Storage amounts are only limited by how much storage you have on your computer or iPhone. You can choose when and how long to record video, or not all.

When you’re away from home, you want the most secure home environment for your children. You can’t always be with them. Life and work can get in the way. The VideoSecu works as a baby cam, a nanny cam, or a home security cam. You can log into your app account while away from home, and see live streaming video of what’s happening there. You can see if your baby is getting the care they require, and that you made a good choice of babysitter. If you have additional cameras set up around the home, you can see if your home is secure.

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VideoSecu IP Wi-fi Video Baby Monitor_5You’re not limited by number of devices either. If your spouse also wishes to keep track of baby, they can log in on their own smart device. That means that you can simultaneously view your baby on your PC, your smart phones, and your tablets. You aren’t restricted to only one device, or trying to coordinate usage with the rest of the family. There is a special password, so you can only share video with pre-approved members of the family. There’s no need to worry about strangers accessing videos of your home, as the system password will keep them out.

One great feature on the VideoSecu is the pan and tilt feature. You can access this feature remotely, and pan and tilt, to get a better look at your baby’s room. This is a great feature if your child tends to move around in their crib. If they move out of the field of view, you can simply adjust the camera to your needs. This is also handy if you want to see what’s happening in the rest of the room.

The microphone on the VideoSecu is adequate. It may not pick up baby’s softer sounds. For most parents, this won’t be a deal breaker, as they’re buying it to see if baby is in distress, rather than watching baby purely for entertainment purposes. There are higher quality cameras on the market, if you wish to view better quality video, or have better sound quality. Don’t expect any customer service for this low price either. The VideoSecu does the job it promises to do, and nothing more. Don’t expect any fancy gadgets on this nanny cam.

The VideoSecu can be purchased for around $60. You can give this wireless camera a try, to see if it fits your needs, then always upgrade to a more expensive model with additional features later, if you find you need a better baby monitor.

The VideoSecu video baby monitor is a good starting camera for your home. If you don’t need to obsessively record every moment of your baby’s life, then this is a great camera, that allows you to pan and tilt, to focus better on baby. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal for a Wi-Fi camera in this price range, and it also allows you to bypass the monthly fees associated with other similar nanny cams. The VideoSecu is a great choice for someone who needs to get started with a nanny cam right now.

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VideoSecu IP Baby monitor

VideoSecu IP Baby monitor

Sound Quality


    Picture Quality



      • - Night Vision
      • - Easy to Setup
      • - DVR
      • - Super Cheap
      • - Remote pan and tilt


      • - No Talk back function
      • - Customer service is poor