It can be difficult finding the perfect baby monitor to keep an eye on your child, while you’re off doing something else. The WiFi Baby 3 is full of features, so you can safely monitor your baby, while you’re in the other room, or even out of town. The WiFi Baby 3 monitor is packed full of handy features, making this one of the easiest to use baby monitors on the market, so your choice is easier, when choosing the best baby monitor.

One neat feature of this nanny cam is that it works through your home WiFi setup, so you won’t have a tangle of cords in baby’s room. This will be one less worry for you, as you won’t have to worry about your child tugging on cords, and getting tangled up in them.

WifiBaby3iPadThe WiFi Baby 3 works through your current Wifi computer setup. Since it’s only running locally, it won’t affect your internet usage. The WiFi Baby 3 will also give you peace of mind when you leave the house. You can monitor your baby from your smart phone device, including your iPhone, iPad, Android phone and more. You’ll be able to view baby any time from real time live streaming video, as life happens.

This baby monitor also records audio and video to an internal DVR. There’s no need for a Cloud-based monthly subscription, so you’ll be saving money by storing footage on the Baby 3 DVR. There are never any monthly fees. You can record video to the DVR any time, without any additional costs. This baby cam records in full color video, with exceptional detail.

The WiFi Baby 3 will also record at night time, so you don’t need to disturb your baby’s rest by leaving the light on. It’ll record great video, even in low light conditions. The range of the camera is up to 30 feet in the dark, more than you’ll need for the average sized room.

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The internal nanny cam will also allow you to make scheduled recordings, so you can keep tabs on your baby sitter while you’re out. Your mind will at ease, knowing that you have a competent baby sitter, who is giving the proper care to your child.

Download the iOS app for free, or for a small fee for Android devices. The app allows you to multitask on your mobile device, so your phone calls, emails, and texting will still work, while your baby cam app runs in the background. The app will provide alerts, should your baby make noise. You can check in securely, from any location, whether you’re in another room in the house, out in the yard, or even in the next state over.

Wifi Baby 3 Multiple MonitorsIf your family is growing, the WiFi Baby 3 is expandable, and the app will allow you to run up to four cameras networked together, on the iPhone and iPad devices only. Each camera will have their own set of audio, video, and alerts. The app supports iOS going back to 7, so you won’t be inconvenienced into upgrading your iPhone to get your nanny cam working.

For all the features the WiFi Baby 3 is packed and the box includes a nanny camera, a stand, ac adapter, power cable clips, screws, and an instruction manual to help you get your baby cam set up.

The WiFi Baby 3 cam is also backed by some great support, should you find it difficult to set up your baby cam at home, or if it’s not functioning the way it should. This is an American company and their support is located right in the USA. Support is available through the net or your phone, 24/7, and initial set up assistance is always free.

If you’ve been searching for the best baby monitor for your child, the WiFi Baby 3 is packed full of useful features. You’ll quickly and easily be able to see and hear your baby from any i-based device, as well as Androids and more. This nanny cam will provide you with peace of mind, when you can’t always be in the same room as your child.

Update: There is a new version coming soon: Wifi Baby 4

WiFi Baby 3

WiFi Baby 3

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        • - No Service Fee
        • - True Color Video
        • - Nanny Cam DVR
        • - Fantastic Support


        • - No temperature sensor